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This is my first time writing one of these but I thought you guys might like to hear my experience this past friday. They both have an alternative look about them. Her best friend (lets call her Brooke) is similar except smaller ass, bigger tits and more tattoos. There is also another girl involved (lets call her Sally) at sex mex the beginning but from what Emma said she was just kind of there. We have always thought it would be fun to add another woman into the mix as well.

\"sexShe has made out with a few before this experience but not much past that. Now for what happened on friday. My girlfriend (lets call her Emma) is full figured, dark haired, sexy ass, DD tits, tattoos and lips to die for. The night started off with casually drinking, carving pumpkins and talking.

For some background my girlfriend has always been curious and wanted to experiment and go down on another girl. We wanted to have a party and drink so we invited Brooke and a few others sex mex over. Scroll further if you want to get to the dirty stuff!

We all then started playing scattergories where the winner and loser of each round has to take a shot of vodka. Emma, Sally and Brooke were all in babydolls. We had made drinks and food for everyone that were halloween themed. Around that time the three girls went to the bedroom. \” Emma replied \“experimenting.

I was quite surprised and more interested in what was happening in the bedroom at this point. \” and gave me a wink and a sexy smile before she locked the door in front of me. I walk back out to the living room with thoughts racing through my head about whats going on in the bedroom.

After about three rounds we all started just taking shots and got a very good buzz going. After about 0 minutes I could hear moaning coming from the bedroom. I was still a little skeptical if something was going to happen but needless to say I was already turned on just thinking about what they could be doing.

Then after about 0 more minutes they called Sally’s boyfriend because she had gotten sick from drinking too much so they disappeared into the bathroom. Emma asked if she can lock the door which I said, \“sure, what are you girls doing? Me and the guys were all still in the living coedcherry non nude (Click On this page) room where we started to play some video games. My heart was pounding thinking about Emma getting eaten out by another girl or eating another girl out.

I decided to check on Emma and Brooke. I was extremely turned on and trying to hide my hard cock in the living room. All together there were six of us once everyone got there. I started sucking on Brooke’s tits then Sally went down on Brooke at the same time.

I closed the door behind me with a smile and huge hard on and asked \“What are you guys up to in here huh? Brooke was in the bed under the covers but you could tell she was completely naked as well. she ate me out and made me cum\” \“Did you eat her out too? Emma soon calls me back to the bedroom where I saw they were all wearing sexy lingerie.

she likes to grab my hair. For those looking for the dirty part it starts here! At this point I am throbbing and then Emma turns back around and says. \“It didnt taste bad either. (she holds me and starts to whisper in my ear).

Then after that Brooke fingered me. \” then she slides her fingers up chest that she used on Brooke and made me taste her. I laugh because i dont know how anyone couldnt be turned on in that situation and I say. All the while, Brooke is laying naked on my bed watching. I followed her to the side of the bed where she bent over with her feet still on the ground and began to make out with Brooke again.

I got behind her and took my jeans off. \” She sex mex turned around and showed me the scratches that Brooke gave her down her shoulder. I coedcherry non nude then slide my cock to her opening which I can feel is soaking wet. When I walked in the bedroom the light was on, Emma was standing naked in front of me with a huge grin. Needless to say I never put jeans on so fast in my life.

Im so fucking turned on. \” She then turned around and started walking towards the bed with a naughty smile on her face. Emma then reaches down and grabs my rock hard cock and says. This time the lights are off but I can see Emma on her knees between Brookes legs eating her out. I drop my clothes and start to get on the bed when Emma says \“just watch, no touching.

I can hear how wet Brooke is and how Emma is making her moan. \“Get the others to leave. I then make my way back to the bedroom and open the door. I get behind Emma, grab her by the waist and slowly slide my cock inside. \” As she starts to rub her hand up and down on it.

I start fucking Emma harder. We were all moaning and getting close to cumming. hearing her moan and push back towards me to get my cock deeper as she gets Brooke close to cumming. I can hear her moan for a second in between her eating Brooke out.

I inch closer on the bed because i can’t handle it anymore. i can feel Emmas pussy dripping sex mex wet as I fuck her harder. the moaning getting louder and breathing getting heavier. I smack Emmas ass while Brooke pulled her hair. I stand up and start to get cleaned up while Emma is still playing with Brooke.

I start to slide it in slowly when she looks back and says. I went and got the others to leave and locked the front door. causing her to cum at the same time. \” I got off the bed and stood there stroking myself as my girlfriend uses a mixture of her fingers, glass dildo and her tongue on her best friends pussy.

then they get cleaned up. I tell her to finish her off. I was still too horny to sleep so Emma and I fucked again and then went to sleep. TL;DR: had a party, got drunk, girlfriend messed around with best friend then I joined in. I leave the room and clean up, still hearing moans from the bedroom.

0 out of 0 would do again! I can tell Emma is so close to cumming and I can’t take it anymore and I let loose inside of her. Brooke then went to bed in the living room.